Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chicken pot roast recipe (roasted in less oil)

Chicken pot roast recipe (roasted in less oil)

Chicken(cut in 8 pieces) 900 gms.
Ginger garlic paste 2 tbsps.
Soya sauce 2 tbsps.
Chilli sauce 1 tsp.
Ajinomoto 1/4 tsp.
Vinegar or lemon juice 2 tbsps.
Chilli powder 1/2 tsp.
Worcestershire sauce 2 tbsps.
Tomato sauce 4 tbsps.
Oil 2 tbsps.
Salt and pepper to taste

step 1
1.Wash and dry the chicken.

step 2
2.Mix all the ingredients and marinade the chicken in it for 4-6 hours in the refrigerator.

step 3
3.Heat oil in a heavy bottom kadai and cook on low heat till chicken is done and dry.

step 4
4.Garnish with coriander leaves and Serve hot with boiled vegetable and bread rolls. 

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