Monday, July 18, 2011

American mansaf

How to make a American mansaf

American mansaf 

4 cups rice washed and soaked Egypt
kilos of lamb "shanks"2 pieces of milk solid fist-sized1 cup peeled almonds4 slices of bread Almrkoq3 tablespoons finely chopped parsley Mufrowom2 tablespoons of food starch1 cup ghee or oil1 kilos of yogurt½ teaspoon turmeric.


American Mansaf1 - beats and solid milk soaked in water overnight and in the morning may be a break in the water and easily crushed in a blender
2 - rigid fails milk in a blender until it becomes smooth, soft and non-agglomerated
3 - enters the mix in a colander Albd soft even get rid of Alhabibatalsgarh.
4 - fail Alrib milk and add to milk and placed in rigid Kdrrr
5 - Wash the meat and climb to become a half-baked and then placed the meat on the milk while stirring.
6 - after boiling Alkhalait stir and reduce heat and simmer over Narrrr for an hour or until meat is tender, stirring from time to time
7 - Ikcherrr Boil the almonds and then divided into two parts and Ihamrrr in margarine until golden in color and lifted aside.
8 - wash the rice and stir to the fire the rest of the butter, then add the 5 cups of boiling water and after boiling rice to reduce the fire and left for a quarter of an hour
9 - Almrkoq bread is placed in the bottom tray 50 Sntmitrrrr large diameter and high edge.
10 - earns a little over rice Alkhbzzz then watering a little milk.
11 - put the rest of the rice and describes the meat on the front of the Chinese and garnish with parsley and Allowesz