Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cheese roll ( tortilla roll )

Cheese roll ( tortilla roll )

8 Burrito style tortilla
8 oz of cream cheese
1 packet of Ranch powder dressing
1 small can of pimentos
8-10 Olives
2-3 green chilies
Small bunch of Cilantro

step 1
1. Take out cream cheese in a bowl and let it Soften at room temperature.

step 2
2. Finely chopped pimentos, olives, green chili and cilantro.

step 3
3. Mix ranch dressing and other ingredients in cream cheese blend it very well.

step 4
4. Apply cream cheese mixture on one tortilla and start rolling from one side. Make sure to roll tightly.

step 5
5. Finish applying on all the tortilla. Wrap all the rolls in plastic wrap and keep it in refrigerator for an hour.

step 6
6. Take out from the refrigerator and cut in slight angle and decorate in plate.

step 7
7. Keep it in the refrigerator and take out when its time to serve. 

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